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All our producers are carefully selected by us and we spend many hours with them in the vineyards and in the wine rooms throughout the yearly cycle ensuring that the wines are made naturally and with care to ensure they retain all the natural ingredients to enhance the healthy benefits. They retain control of the wines from the picking of the grapes to the bottling on the estate. Our wine makers are passionate and proud of their wines and this is clearly demonstrated by the awards they achieve year after year.

We have the exclusivity of importing these wines to the UK.

Chateau de Brossay

The estate is family owned and run by two brothers Hubert and Raymond Deffois. Hubert is responsible for the day to day running of the vineyards and the wine production. The Domaine is praised particularly for its range of sweet wines and a rare red sparkling wine. Hubert's real passion and expertise is in the production of sweet Coteaux du Layon wines. His range of these sweet wines, all made from the Chenin Blanc grape, vary from a smooth light sweet wine, through to a rich sweet and then to a syrupy, intense sweet wine. The vineyard's innovative and sparkling red wine, le Cerisier Rouge is a rare gem and delicious as an aperitif or with chocolate desserts and strawberries. It's a true surprise and a rare treat for guests at any dinner party.


Chateau de Brossay produces wines within a number of appellations covering the estate. The principal wines are made in the Anjou AOC: Anjou Rouge from the single varietal Cabernet Franc grape and Anjou Blanc from the single varietal Chenin Blanc. Hubert also makes an Anjou Villages Rouge wine also from the Cabernet Franc grape but which, due to the longer fermentation process is fuller bodied than Anjou. Other grape varieties grown are Grolleau and Gamay which are used in the production of the dry Rose de Loire and Chardonnay used for the sparkling Cremant de Loire. Hubert's extensive range of wines also include non AOC Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc.


Chateau de Chaintres

Chateau de Chaintres is a vineyard in the exclusive red wine Saumur Champigny Appellation of the Loire valley. Wine has been made at the chateau for generations. Chateau de Chaintres has been owned by the Tigny family since 1932. Today Chaintres has more than 20 hectares of vines situated in a delightful walled enclosure that surrounds the beautiful old manor house and vineyards. The terroir is favourable, with typical limestone and chalky soils and the south facing slopes maximises exposure to the sun.


The present estate director and winemaker is Richard Desouche, a vibrant vigneron who obtained his college qualifications before gaining experience in the field. He joined Chaintres in 2007 bringing fresh ideas and innovations. Richard's philosophy is to farm in an environmentally friendly way. The use of chemicals was stopped in 2009 and now only natural products such as copper and sulphur are used only when necessary, in the control of diseases through careful monitoring of rainfall. No weed control chemicals are used and soils around and between the vines are left to grass naturally. 2010 was the first year of the vineyard's conversion into organic farming and Richard also applies biodynamic practises to his farming methods.


The grapes are all hand picked and carefully selected with an eventual yield typically between 50 and 55 hl/ha. The yields at the chateau are low for the area, producing wines of good concentration, balance and colour. The wines produced are fine and delicate and an expression of the terroir. They are wines greatly enjoyed by the French but unknown until now in the UK. VintnersFineWines takes delight in bringing them to a wider audience in the UK


Domaine de L’Enchantoir

Pierre and Brigitte Van den Boom's first foray into wine began in a small way in 2003 and since then Pierre has studied at college, obtained his BPA (agricultural professional degree) completed an internship with an organic wine grower and bought a vineyard. They chanced upon the wonderful Domaine de L'Enchantoir in 2008 and, after working with the former owner on the 2008 vintage, purchased the vineyard in March 2009. They have adapted perfectly to the life of vignerons, immersing themselves into the estate, relishing their work in the vineyards and making wine. The domaine is located in the commune of Le Puy Notre Dame, 25 kilometres south of Saumur on the left bank of the river Thouet, a tributary of the river Loire. The clay and limestone nature of its soils, together with the exposure of the hillsides confer on L'Enchantoir's wines the aromatic character typical of the vines growing on the mound of "Turonien" on which the vineyard is located.


During the harvest and subsequent processes in the chai Pierre and Brigitte make joint decisions. The grapes are slowly pressed and the juice frequently tasted until just the right level of tannins, colour and aromas are achieved. One hundred and one decisions are made that result in a great bottle of wine. Their philosophy is best summed up in Pierre's own words: "To make a good wine, you need a healthy vine, beautiful grapes and sunny ripe berries. So our first principle is to keep the vine in good shape, to prune carefully, to maintain a living grassy ground and make sure that helpful insects, predators of parasites can live on location. Even though our vineyard is not yet organic, we already use reasoned culture, our ultimate goal in the coming years being to convert to organic culture. Second, harvesting at the very right moment is crucial in order to produce well-balanced wines and avoid acidity. Last but not least, wine must be the result of a natural process: let the soil express itself in the wine."


Domaine de Rocheville

At the foot of the medieval church in Parney, on the hillside overlooking the Loire river are the vineyards of Domaine de Rocheville. It is one of the most recently created Domaines in the Saumur Champigny Appellation. Philippe Porche, a wine enthusiast, had been searching for a vineyard in the area for several years. In partnership with Jerome Callet, a local young wine producer, they finally found their estate in the medieval village of Parney.  Together with Agnes Porche, Phillipe's wife, they make a great team. Phillipe is the driving force, Jerome takes responsibility for the day to day care of the vines, while Agnes has brought a woman's touch to the concern.


Rocheville is a Boutique vineyard in the exclusive Saumur Champigny Appellation of the Loire valley comprising 16 hectares of vines, at least 30 years old, producing 90,000 bottles of top quality wine a year. Rocheville seeks to reveal fully the characteristics of the Chenin and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. The vines are treated in such a way that respects the natural needs of the plant as much as possible. Grass is allowed to grow in the vineyards to encourage the vines to send their roots deep down into the limestone rock. Hedges have been planted in the vineyard to favour biodiversity.


The grapes are harvested completely by hand to ensure wine of the best quality is produced in the traditional way. Rocheville's rule is to harvest the grapes at the perfect stage of ripeness and to produce a wine according to the characteristics of the vintage. The wines are matured in oak or in vats, depending on the style of wine required. A range of wines are made from a single grape variety, Cabernet Franc for red and rose wines and Chenin for white wines.


Domaine de la Saugourde

The estate is owned and run by the Letheuil family who have been making wine for over 100 years. Francois


Letheuil has been the winemaker for the past 20 years. The vineyard extends to some 20 hectares over a wide variety of soils from the valley bottom up to the escarpment above. The parcels on the river bank produce the Anjou Blanc wines made from Chenin Blanc, the classic white grape of the region. The Cabernet Franc from these parcels are used in the production of the dry fruity rose wine Rose de Loire appellation.


On the schist soils higher up the valley side Francois grows the Chenin for the production of the famous sweet wines of the Coteaux du Layon appellation. The grapes are left on the vines during the autumn and when the mist rises up the valley it promotes the development of the 'Noble Rot' which concentrates the sugars. These grapes are hand picked and fermented into soft fruity sweet wines. The deep and fruity light Anjou reds are made from the Cabernet Franc grapes grown on the limestone soils of the escarpment.


Francois has invested in a modern cellar with stainless steel fermentation vats with central temperature control heating/cooling facilities for all the vats. This allows wines to be fermented and stored at optimum temperatures to allow the full character of the wine to be achieved.


The vineyard’s wines are well received in France, most of their wines being sold locally and in other parts of the country. We are fortunate to have forged a relationship with Francois to allow us to offer small quantities of each vintage for sale in the UK.


Domaine du Vieux Pressoir

Situated in the south of the Saumur region, within the wine areas of Anjou, Saumur and Saumur-Puy-Notre-Dame, the Domaine du Vieux Pressoir is a family-run estate that has been handed down from father to son for 5 generations. Today the Domaine owns 26 hectacres of vines, situated on two escarpments of completely different soils - Turonian and Jurassic - which influence the wines that typify the region.


Its present owner, Mr Bruno Albert, has put into practice all the ideas of modern oenology and viticulture: sustainability, yield management, weed control, thermal control, and produces wines of exceptional quality. From the selection of the vines themselves, to the control of the vinification process, each stage is subject to meticulous care and attention.


Winemaker to the core, Bruno has put all his heart and soul, as well as his technical skills, into his work to maintain the reputation and success of his wines. He has been instrumental in obtaining the new AOC of Saumur-Puy-Notre-Dame for this small, unique area of Le Puy Notre Dame.


Bruno Albert's skills have been recognised by the experts and for many years now, numerous prestigious awards have been given to mark the quality of Bruno's wines: Concours General Agricole in Paris, Concours de Macon, Concours des Vignerons Independants, Concours Des Ligers, Concours des Lys, etc... His award winning wines are exported and enjoyed in countries all over the world including America, China and Japan. Now VintnersFineWines brings it exclusively to the UK.







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